Drishti Tech is Enterprise Ready
Enterprise Experience of Drishti Tech
Process driven approach
Specialised on Accounting Modules Experienced Management team
Delivery Track recordEffective Change Management
Delivery Track record
Effective Change Management
OpenERP is trusted by thousands of businesses in over 80 countries
Over 700 active developers work on OpenERP dailyAll of the business of The Drishti Group run on OpenERP

Meet all international scalability and reliability standards
Load balancing over multi server deployments
Internal cloud deployments

User Security

OpenERP is built in a secure environment with a system architecture that ensures top grade security level. This one of the most important areas in any ERP.

OpenERP has a highly secured user rights management system. The system offers fine grained flexibility enabling restricted user access up to a single menu item. The platform works seamlessly with user management systems like Google, Active Directory, Single Sign On and OpenID.



Data Integrity

PostgreSQL database used in OpenERP ensures data accuracy & consistency.

This increases the OpenERP application's stability, performance and re-usability. Full ACID compliance eliminates data loss & quickens the process of analysis and allows for reporting in real time.

Customised for you

Any large business has processes and practices that are unique to its own operations. OpenERP's open source platform allows for a highly customisable system. Drishti's technical capability with OpenERP, specially the accounting modules, allows for no compromise on stability while deploying sometimes large and complicated customisations.

Real Time Reporting

At any point in a day, reports can be generated to know the current position of the business.

With OpenERP one can take informed business decisions at the right time with the help of OpenERP's real time reporting feature which gives a current picture of the business at a glance. The reports are built in a way to allow the user to create and share reports within few clicks. The OpenERP reporting tool gives access to the right information at the right time to take smart management decisions.



OpenERP has over 1,000 modules that can be used to adapt OpenERP to cover most enterprise processes. Most modules are built based on best practices followed by companies world wide. Being developed under the AGPL license additional functionality is also available to users fully open source.

The broad functionality of OpenERP covers process like Sales, Purchases, Inventory and Warehouse, Accounting, Budget Management, Human Resource Management System, Project Management, Manufacturing, Content Management, E-Commerce, Point of Sales and Document Management.