What is ERP?

An ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) tool is a single software system that can administer your entire business, from accounting to service delivery or manufacturing. It is an integrated software system that is designed to manage every department of your business on a single platform.

What is OpenERP?

OpenERP is the leading Open source ERP software which can be customized to satisfy your business requirements. OpenERP is developed by over 700 developers worldwide under the AGPL license and has over 700 modules. It is being used by companies in over a 100 countries. AGPL license

Drishti Tech & OpenERP

We leverage the benefits of open source technology with the reliability of proprietary software. Drishti Tech is a Silver Partner with OpenERP and has the best trained and experienced team to handle complete ERP deployments including customisation and training.

End To End Solutions
Customer Satisfaction
Quality Conscious
Drishti Tech Advantages
The People
The experience of our management team is diversified over a variety of industries. Our business consultants are thereby able to provide the flexibility in thought, required by our clients. Coupled with a highly skilled technical team we have been able to execute OpenERP deployments for Large Scale Industries.

The Process
Balancing user acceptance and management needs is a vital task. Senior management love to have extremely high quantum of data and control, while users would prefer to have none. Our methodology not only caters to the software requirement of the enterprise but also concentrates on the organizational change management. Our approach, coupled with our experience helps us achieve a good balance to ensure a high success rate of the ERP deployments.
Our Experience
Drishti Tech has focused on end to end ERP deployments for large corporates. We have the strongest experience in implementing OpenERP for Enterprise and Medium scale businesses. This gives us the rich experience of delivering the requirements, quality and stability needed by companies for a business critical ERP solution.

Our Vision
Guided by a very long term vision, Drishti Tech will not compromise on quality delivery for short term profits. Supported by the Drishti group, our company has the ability to put the customer first and never compromise on our promise. We've set our course by the stars and not by the light of every passing ship.